Natures Larder

How it all started

Natures Larder is owned by husband and wife Mark and Sue and it all started back in 1999, well actually a little before that really.

Back in 1994 Mark and Sue became the proud parents of their bouncing happy little boy Jack. When Jack was about two years old he developed recurrent ear infections and asthma.

Antibiotic after antibiotic became the norm and steroid inhalers a daily event but things got worse not better. By now Sue was getting frustrated and regularly rang her Mum in desperation.

Although Mark thought it was a waste of time Sue and Mark took Jack to see retired Doctor and Natropath Dr Hamlyn for an allergy test and Homeopathic consultation. They went along with the advice given and within days Jack was a lot calmer, happier and healthier. Within weeks he was off his inhalers and never needed antibiotics. Dairy and sugar free foods were obtained from a strange little whole food shop until it closed down.

Sue made the decision to leave a well paid job with a managerial company and with little knowledge but a lot of enthusiasm opened Natures Larder in May 1999.  Sue spread the word that symptoms should not be disguised or ignored but investigated for their cause and built a up a solid business. Soon they out grew the little shop in Fore Street, Ivybridge, so it was time to move to a larger premises. Mark left his job of 20 years in the motor trade to join Sue and moved Natures Larder to Glanvilles Mill. The move gave them the extra room to offer complementary therapies in addition to their wide and varied supply of health foods, supplements, herbal and Homeopathic remedies, Essential Oils, Restricted Diet Foods and much, much more.